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8532 Forest St.

Annandale, Va. 22003


DIGI-PICS, a subsidiary of, was formed to provide high-quality digital pictures for WebMasters, Home Page Designers, Graphics Departments, and anyone with a need for digitized pictures. We have high-resolution digital cameras, Hi-8 color video cameras, professional quality Nikon still cameras, and the computer equipment to produce quality digital pictures.

We can capture "still" pictures from any digital, Hi-8 or 8mm video. Our Hi-Resolution Color scanner can digitize your favorite photos, your logo, your original artwork, your brochures and graphics, or any materials up to 1" thick.

We maintain a variety of software for cropping, resizing, colorizing, rotating, centering, flipping, and retouching pictures and creating special effects. We can turn pictures into buttons, page backgrounds, windows wallpaper, etc., add custom frames and shadows, special effects, and convert them to multiple formats. We can lay images down in layers and do lettering on the image.

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No matter what size your business is, we can help you get on the Internet with images of your place of business, marquee, logo, employees, officers, employee-of the-month, latest product, or what ever you wish.

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